Vego underscore importance of tree growing during Leon's Arbor Day 2015 celebration


Little Baguio. Towering Benguet pines (extreme left) of Bucari in Leon helps to keep the weather cool. Thousands flocked to Sitio Tabionan, Brgy. Bucari (middle photo) during the Arbor Day 2015 tree growing event. DENR 6 ARD for Technical Services Jesse L. Vego (extreme right) underscored the importance of tree growing and in particular, of Benguet pines.

For the love of tree growing, thousands of volunteers have climb up the steep mountain of Brgy. Bucari in Leon, Iloilo to join this year’s National Arbor Day 2015.

With the theme “Pangalagaan ang Kalikasan: Kasali Ka Ba?”, the event was held on June 25, 2015 under the canopy of towering Benguet pines. The whole thing looked like some kind of a big feast. More than 2,600 individuals, mostly made up of the academe, have supported this year’s event.

“We need to change because of climate change. I am thankful for all the support that our people are giving to this event. Through this endeavor, we are slowly but surely teaching the next generation to love tree growing,” Leon municipal mayor Rolito Cajilig said.

“Back then, some 37 years ago, tree planting is an obligation. Now it is even more necessary with the challenges we face with climate change and global warming,” Mayor Cajilig added.

The National Arbor Day 2015 celebration was spearheaded by the LGU Leon with strong support from DENR-CENRO, the community and the academe.

           A “Binalaybay” competition was conducted with each “Binalaybay” piece anchored on Arbor Day’s theme.

DENR 6 Assistant Regional Director  for Technical Services Jesse L. Vego discussed the importance of tree growing and also recalled to all participants how a reforestation project in Leon was started yet in 1979 but how the pines growing there are “lacking” the cones that usually got dispersed to grow as Benguet pines in other portions of the forest.

“What you usually see as Christmas décors are “cones” from Benguet pines but you can’t find it here among the towering pines of Bucari. It is the same condition of the pines we have in Valderrama, Antique and in Mt. Kanla-on National Park in Negros Occidental,” disclosed ARD Vego.

He also told the participants that reforestation project in Bucari, Leon actually began as far back as 1938.

Guimbal municipal mayor Christine Garin lauded the grand celebration she witnessed in Bucari, Leon. “So this is how grand your Arbor Day is. I came here with my barangay captains just to see Bucari, not knowing that your Arbor Day celebration have this very strong support. I did not regret I came here and I have witnessed how much you love planting trees,” Garin said.


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