PENR Officer


I. MANDATE (E.O. 192, s. 1987)


The Department is the primary agency responsible for the conservation, management, development, and proper use of the country’s environment and natural resources, specifically forest and grazing lands, mineral resources, including those in reservation and watershed areas, and lands of the public domain, as well as the licensing and regulation of all natural resources as may be provided for by law in order to ensure equitable sharing of the benefits derived therefrom for the welfare of the present and future generations of Filipinos.


To accomplish this mandate, the Department shall be guided by the following objectives:

1. Assure the availability and sustainability of the country's natural resources through judicious use and systematic restoration or replacement, whenever possible;

2. Increase the productivity of natural resources in order to meet the demands for forest, mineral, and land resources if a growing population;

3. Enhance the contribution of natural resources for achieving national economic and social development;

4. Promote equitable access to natural resources by the different sectors of the population; and

5. Conserve specific terrestrial and marine areas representative of the Philippine natural and cultural heritage for present and future generations.



A nation enjoying and sustaining its natural resources and a clean and healthy environment.



To mobilize our citizenry in protecting, conserving, and managing the environment and natural resources for the present and future generations.



We, the Officials and employees of the Department of Environment and Natural

Resources, hereby pledge our commitment to:


  • Provide efficient, prompt, and corrupt- free services tantamount to the protection, conservation, management of the environment and natural resources;
  • Ensure strict compliance to laws, rules and regulations and high degree of professionalism in the conduct of the DENR business and non-business processes; and
  • Attend to all applicants or requesting parties who are within the premises of the office prior to end of official working hours and during lunch break.




Admin and Finance sector (Internal and External Services)

RO-AF-01 - Issuance of Certification of No Records/Appeal/Motion for Reconsideration, etc.

RO-AF-02 - Document Authentication for General Circulation Documents

RO-AF-03 - Sale of Bidding Documents

RO-AF-04 - Processing as to Availability of Funds of Purchase Order, Job Order, Contract of Service and Other Contracts

RO-AF-05 - Processing of Obligation Request and Status (ORS) for all Disbursement Vouchers, Contracts and Other Transactions

RO-AF-06 - Processing of Disbursement Voucher (DV)

RO-AF-07 - Preparation, Processing and Issuance of Checks/ADA


FORESTRY SECTOR (External Services)

RO-F-01 - Issuance of Certificate of Tree Plantation Ownership (CTPO)

RO-F-02 - Issuance of Self-Monitoring Form (SMF)

RO-F-03 - Issuance of Certificate of Verification (COV)

RO-F-04 - Application for Chainsaw Registration

RO-F-05 - Issuance of Tree Cutting and/or Earthballing Permit For DPWH Projects

RO-F-06 - Issuance of Tree Cutting Permit for Planted Trees (Tenured Forestland or Private Land), or Trees (Planted or Naturally Grown) that Pose Threat to Human Lives and Properties

RO-F-07 - Issuance of Private Land Timber Permit (PLTP) for Non-premium Species, or Special PLTP (SPLTP) for Premium/Naturally-Grown Trees Within Private/Titled Lands


LANDS SECTOR (External Services)

RO-L-01 - Issuance of Certification of Land Status and/or Certification of Survey Claimant

RO-L-02 - Issuance of Survey Authority

RO-L-03 - Application for Free Patent (Agricultural)

RO-L-04 - Application for Free Patent (Residential)



Feedback and Complaints Mechanism



PENRO Iloilo City

FMS Compound, Parola, Port Area, Iloilo City

(033) 335 3402

CENRO Barotac Nuevo

Brgy. Tabucan, Barotac Nuevo, iloilo

(033) 361 2778

CENRO Guimbal (Iloilo City)

Brgy. Guibongan, Miag-ao, Iloilo

(033) 315 2340


San Nicolas, San Dionisio, Iloilo

(033) 396 3201

APP (CSE and Non-CSE) and PPMP

FY 2020

Approved APP

CSE App and Certification on Early Procurement



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