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Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office, Roxas City, Capiz

Brgy. Lanot, Roxas City

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. About Us

  • SECSIME (PENRO/Finance)

        1. Processing of Obligation Request and  Status (ORS) – One Time per Claim

        2. Processing of Disbursement Voucher (DV) and Other Transactions

        3. Issuance of Checks or ADA

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       1. Issuance of Survey Authority

       2. Application for Free Patent (Agricultural)

       3. Application for Free Patent (Residential)

       4. Issuance of Certificate of Tree Plantation Ownership (CTPO)

       5. Issuance of Certificate of Verification (Cutting and Transport of Planted and Non Premium Tree - Private land)

       6. Issuance of Certificate of Verification (Cutting and Transport of Non Wood Forest Products) 

       7. Application for Chainsaw Registration

       8. Processing of Application for Issuance of Tree Cutting Permits/Special Tree Cutting Permits

  • SECSIME 2018

        1. Issuance of Slope Gradient - TSD

        2. Issuance of Office Clearance - MSD

 Annual Financial Reports and APP-PPMP (Can be viewed also on Transparency Seal Logo at the upper-right portion of this page)

     Annual Financial Reports

  1. Budget FAR No. 1 as of December 31 2017
  2. Budget FAR No. 1A as of December 31 2017
  3. Budget FAR 1B as of December 31, 2017 - Current
  4. Budget FAR 1B as of December 31, 2017 - Continuing
  • Financial Statements 

       1.  Pre-Closing Trial Balance ending December 31, 2017

       2.  Post-Closing Trial balance ending December 31, 2017

       3.  Detailed Statement of Financial Positions

       4.  Detailed Statement of Financial Performance

       5.  Statement of Cash Flows

       6.  Statement of Changes in Net Asset/Equity




     FY 2017

      FY 2018

   FY 2019

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