Demographic Profile  


Table 1 Land Area
Table 2 Patrimonial Properties
Table 3 Residential Free Patent Issued
Table 4 Agricultural Free Patent Issued
Table 5 Homestead  "No issuance of homestead for the year"
Table 6 List of Special Patent of LGUs and NGAs
Table 7 Management of Foreshore Areas
Table 8 Inspection, Verification and Approval Survey (IVAS Form 1) by Month



Table 1         Land Classification (Area in hectares)                                                                                     
Table 2 Land Cover (Hectares)
Table 3 Production and Protection Forest (Hectares)
Table 4 Proclaimed Watershed Forest Reserve
Table 5 Priority Critical Watershed Supporting National Irrigation System
Table 6 Existing Community-Based Forest Management Agreement
Table 7 Existing Community Forest Stewardship Agreement "No CFSA issued in the Region"
Table 8 Existing Agroforestry Land Management Agreement: " No ALMA issued in the Region"
Table 9 Existing Integrated Social Forestry (ISF): 
Table 10 Existing Forest land Grazing Lease Agreement (FLGLA): "No existing FLGLA in 2022"
Table 11 Existing Forest Land Grazing Management Agreement (FLGMA):  "No existing FLGMA in 2022"
Table 12 Existing Forest Land Management Agreement (FLMA):  "No existing FLMA in 2022"
Table 13 Existing Forest Land Use Agreement (FLAg)
Table 14 Existing Integrated Forest Management Agreement (IFMA)
Table 15 Existing Industrial Tree Plantation Lease Agreement (ITPLA)" No existing ITPLA for the year" 
Table 16 Gratuitous Permit for the Special Uses of Forest Lands (GSUP)
Table 17 Existing Socialized Industrial Forest Mgt. Agreement (SIFMA)
Table 18 Existing Special Land Use Permit (SLUP)
Table 19 Existing Private Forest Development Agreement " No PFDA issued"
Table 20 Existing Tree Farm Lease Agreement"No Existing TFLA for the year"
Table 21 Existing Tree Farm Management Agreement " No TFMA issued"
Table 22 Registered Lumber Dealers
Table 23 Certificate of Registration as Importer/Dealer of Imported Wood Products
Table 24 Issued Chainsaw Registration
Table 25 Registered Wood Processing Plant
Table 26 Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP) of LGUs
Table 27 Summary of DENR NGP Accomplishment CY 2011-2022
Table 28 Summary of Community-Based Employment Program under NGP Implementation
Table 29 Adopted Graduated NGP Sites
Table 30 Apprehended/Confiscated/Forfeited Natural Resource Products including Tools, Implements and Equipment
Table 31 Forest Disturbance by Cause
Table 32 Forest Disturbance within NGP Sites
Table 33 Cutting Permits
Table 34 Permit for Private Tree Plantations
Table 35 Permit for Non-Timber Products
Table 36 Rattan Cutting Contract  "No issuance for the year"
Table 37 Co Management Agreements related to Forest Conservation
Table 38 Monthly Log Production
Table 39 Monthly Lumber Production
Table 40 Monthly Veneer Production  "Not Applicable"
Table 41 Monthly Plywood Production  "Not Appicable"
Table 42 Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) Production
Table 43 Employment 



Table 1  Profile of Protected Area within the Region
Table 2 Area Distribution of Coastal Resources
Table 3 Inventory of Coral Reef
Table 4 Inventory of Seagrass
Table 5 Mangrove Assessment
Table 6 Mangrove Area Rehabilitated - For clarification
Table 7 Livelihood Projects Implemented in Coastal Areas
Table 8 Inland Wetland in the Region
Table 9 Classified Caves in the Region
Table 10 Identified/Assessed Critical Habitats
Table 11 Certificate of Wildlife Registration
Table 12 Wildlife Import/Export/Re-Export Permit "No issued permit for the year"
Table 13 CITES Import/Export/Re-Export Permit "No issued permit for the year"
Table 14 Wildlife Local Transport Permit
Table 15 Wildlife Collector's Permit (WCP) "No issued permit for the year"
Table 16 Issuance of Gratuitous Permit
Table 17 Wildlife Special Use Permit "No issued permit for the year"
Table 18 Special Local Transport Permit "No issued permit for the year"
Table 19 Wildlife Farm Permit
Table 20 Wildlife Culture Permit "No issued permit for the year"
Table 21 Clearance to Operate (for Zoological Parks and Botanical Gardens) "No issued permit for the year"
Table 22 Known Fauna Species by Taxonomic Group
Table 23 Known Flora Species by Taxonomic Group
Table 24 Endemic Fauna Species by Taxonomic Group
Table 25 Endemic Flora Species by Taxonomic Group
Table 26 Wild Flora Confiscation " No wild flora confiscation for the year"
Table 27 Wild Fauna Confiscation
Table 28 Wild Fauna Retrieval and Donation
Table 29 Wild Flora Retrieval and Donation  " No Wild Flora retrieved and donated for the year"
Table 30 Inventory of Wildlife at DENR Established Wildlife Rescue Center
Table 31 Population of Threatened Species
Table 32 Marine Turtles Tagged and Released
Table 33 Stranded Marine Turtle
Table 34 Marine Turtle Nest and Hatchlings
Table 35 Marine Turtle Nesting Sites
Table 36 Asian Waterbird Census



Table 1 Particulate Matter System
Table 2 Ozone Concentration  "No ambient air monitoring for ozone parameter"
Table 3 Carbon Monoxide Concentration "No ambient air monitoring stations for Carbon Monoxide parameter"
Table 4 Sulfur Dioxide Concentration "No ambient air monitoring stations for Sulfur Dioxide parameter"
Table 5 Nitrogen Dioxide Concentration "No ambient air monitoring stations for nitrogen dioxide parameter"
Table 6 Airshed
Table 7 Water Quality Management Areas (WQMA)
Table 8 Monitored Waterbodies (classified waterbodies)
Table 9 Approved Discharge Permits
Table 10 Amount of Generated Hazardous Waste "No available Data"
Table 11 Waste Generation
Table 12 Summary of Approved Solid Waste Management Plans in the Region
Table 13 Solid Waste Disposal Facilities in the Region
Table 14 Summarized EMB Funded MRFs
Table 15 Monitored LGU Initiated Recovery Facilities (MRFs)
Table 16 Sanitary Landfills
Table 17 LGU-owned sanitary landfills
Table 18 Privately-Owned Sanitary Landfills "No privately-owned sanitary landfills"
Table 19 Number of Personnel in SWM Facilities by Gender "No available data"
Table 20 Summary of Environmental Compliance Certificates Issued by Specific Type of Project
Table 21 Issuance of Certificate of Non-Coverage
Table 22 No. of Firms with Cases
Table 23 Enforcement
Annex A Location of AQMS
Annex B Water Quality Monitoring Stations



Table 1 Summary of Water Permittees by Purpose
Table 2 Summary of Water Permittees by Water Sources
Table 3 Major River Basin Profile
Table 4 Percentage of implementation of programs and projects identified in the Integrated River Basin Master Plans "No data available"




Table1 Mineral Production Sharing Agreement(MPSA)
Table2 Financial or Technical Assistance Agreement (FTAA) "No approved FTAA in the Region"
Table3 Mineral Processing Permit (MPP)
Table4 Industrial Sand & Gravel Permit (IP)
Table5 Special Mines Permit (SMP) "No approved SMP in the Region"
Table6 Exploration Permit (EP)
Table7 Number of Permits Issued by Local Government Units
Table8 Mineral Resource/Reserves Inventory
Table9 Existing Mineral Reservation Areas "No declared Mineral Reservation Areas in Region VI"
Table10 Inventory of Declared Minahang Bayan "No declared Minahang Bayan in the Region"
Table11 Annual Directory of Accredited Dealers, Traders, and Retailers of Minerals/Mineral Products
Table12 Mineral Commodity
Table13 Mineral Production by Contractor/Operator (Large Operating Mines and Quarries)  "No Large Scale Mines in the Region"
Table14 Non-metallic Mineral Price Monitor
Table15   Revenue Generated by Local Government
Table16 Annual Safety and Health Program
Table17 Social Development and Management Program
Table18 Annual Social Development Program
Table19 Community Development Program
Table20 Environmental Work Program
Table21 Mining Forest Program
Table22 Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program
Table23 Annual Environmental Protection
Table24 Final Mine Rehabilitation and/ or Decommissioning Plan
Table25 Status of Geohazard Mapping (List of Municipalities with 1:10,000 Map Scale)