Forest Management Application Forms

Chainsaw Registration
Certificate of Tree Plantation Ownership
Certificate of Timber Origin
Certificate of Lumber Origin
Certificate of Minor Forest Products Origin
Certificate of Verification
Certificate of Transshipment
Rattan Cutting Contract
Integrated Forest Management Agreement
Socialized Industrial Forest Management Agreement
Private Land Timber Permit
Special Private Land Timber Permit
Ordinary Minor Forest Products License
Wood Processing Plant Permit
Certificate of Registration as Log/Lumber Dealer
Securing Export Authority for Lumber and Plantation Logs
Securing Export Authority for Finished and Semi-finished Wood Products
Special Land Use Permit
Special Land Use Lease Agreement
Community Based Forest Management Agreement
Special Forest Land Use Agreement
Special Forest Land Use Agreement for Tourism
Forest Land Grazing Management Agreement
Muyong Resources Permit
Tree Cutting Permit
Special Tree Cutting Permit
Permit to Purchase Chainsaw
Permit to Import Chainsaw
Permit to Manufacture Chainsaw
Permit to Sell/Re-sell/Dispose/Distribute/Transfer Ownership of Chainsaw
Certificate of Registration as Dealer/Importer of Imported Wood Materials