With a hashtag that says: #SeaTheChange, the conduct of the International Coastal Cleanup tomorrow, September 16, 2023, continues the fight against plastic pollution and aims stronger for clean seas and oceans.

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If you find yourself too busy to even concentrate with small tasks or life at the city tires you down, there’s one good place to unwind – at the Bulabog Putian National Park or BPNP.

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Trees support the environment by providing oxygen, improve air quality, minimize the effects of climate change, conserve water, preserve soil, and supports wildlife. Humans ought to give back to nature for conservation and to our country and thus, we celebrate Arbor Day on June 25th every year to promote and encourage tree planting and preservation efforts.

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Fifty three years ago, the Earth Day movement was started in the United States and called on political leaders to give attention to and be part of the solution to the growing pollution of planet Earth. It was an environmental movement that paved the way for environmental issues to be part of the national agenda. Today, the movement continues and has become international in scope and influence which continues to move people to work on better climate actions.

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From the deepest of seas to the vast tracts of land and up into the sky, a great variety of wildlife amazes us humans. True enough, we need only a few things to live. But God’s amazing creations are things to marvel on and inspires us to dig deeper into the connectedness of life.


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