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The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Region 6 aims to involve Local Government Units (LGUs) and other government agencies as well as the concerned stakeholders in every undertaking of the Department and to have a wider scope of partners for environmental protection the DENR 6 Licenses, Patents, and Deeds Division (LPDD) through its Water Resource Utilization Section (WRUS) invited Information Officers (IOs) from the Provincial and Community ENR Offices across the region to the blended (face-to-face and virtual) Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Campaign on the “Salient Features of the Water Code of the Philippines” PD 1067 held at DENR 6 Activity Center last August 24, 2023.  

“In today’s generation the Department and the people need to work hand-in-hand to promote water security and by doing so, we need to evaluate and disseminate our knowledge to them. Water is very important in our lives –for water security (drinking and domestic use), energy (hydropower), food security (irrigation), and many more, that’s why the DENR Region 6 is asking for your cooperation to give the public ideas in preserving, protecting and conserving our precious water,” said DENR 6 RED Livino B. Duran.

The activity was also participated by representatives from the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Department of Agriculture (DA), Provincial Government of Iloilo- Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO), and technical staff from the DENR line bureaus –Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) and Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB).

Water Code of the Philippines and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) was presented by LPDD Chief, Atty. Elizur G. Militar, where he expounded the provisions in the Water Code, its objectives, principles, and water rights and permits.

Other topics during the program were the different Water Permit Application Requirements per NWRB Resolution No. 09-0916 dated September 21, 2016, presented by Engr. Segundino D. Celeste, Jr., other requirements for areas within Protected Areas presented by For. Kimberly P. Habana, and areas within Forestlands presented by For. Mercedita G. Lastica.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Region 6 had recently inked the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the creation of Mau-it Tipulu-an River Integrated Watershed Management Council (MTRIWMC) on August 23, 2023 at Diversion 21 Hotel, Iloilo City.

The creation of the Management Council is recommended based on DENR Administrative Order (DAO) No. 2021-41 or the Guidelines in the Creation of Watershed Management Councils, which states that it is the policy of the State to protect and advance a balance and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature and to promote sustainable management of natural resources through adoption of ridge-to-reef approach and integrated area development. This will serve as the policy governing body that will manage the watershed area and will strengthen the collaboration among the different government agencies, Local Government Units (LGUs), Peoples Organization (POs), and other stakeholders involved in the management of the watershed.

DENR 6 Regional Executive Director Livino B. Duran said: “water plays a vital role in our daily lives, from household, domestic, to agricultural use we can’t live without water. Proper utilization of water does not only help in our daily lives but also helps us conserve this precious resource for our future generations.”

The MOA was also inked by the Provincial Government of Antique together with the Local Chief Executives of the Municipalities of Sibalom, San Remegio, Valderrama, Patnongon, San Jose and Belison; Provincial Government of Iloilo together with the Local Chief Executives of the Municipalities of Alimodian, Igbaras, Leon and Miag-ao; National Economic Development Authority (NEDA); Department of Agriculture (DA); Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR); Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH); National Irrigation Administration (NIA); University of Antique (UA); People Organizations (POs); and other stakeholders.

The Mau-it Tipulu-an River Watershed is one of the large critical watersheds in Region 6 found within the provinces of Antique and Iloilo. Portions of the watershed are found in the stretch of Sibalom Natural Park (SNP), known for its high number of endemic flora and fauna species.

Furthermore, the watershed supplies clean water to a total of 14, 755 households in the province of Antique through the Sibalom Water District and San Jose Waterworks Service Cooperative.

The Rapid Land Tenure Appraisal (RLTA), as defined by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) - Land Management Bureau (LMB) Technical Bulletin No. 1 series of 2018, is the process to obtain a clear picture of the land tenure situation on the ground before land titling operations are entered into the area.

Land tenure is dynamic (i.e. transfers from original land claimant to buyers or heirs) and the cadastral maps used by the regions in determining the remaining targets do not reflect these changes on the ground. With the RLTA, it aims to provide an accurate inventory of all the remaining untitled lands down to the barangay level.

Thus, the DENR 6 led by Regional Executive Director Livino B. Duran inked a Memorandum of Partnership Agreement (MOPA) in the preparation of the conduct of RLTA together with the three Local Government Unit (LGU) in the province of Aklan namely; Municipality of Banga represented by Mayor Noel L. Redison, Municipality of Balete under Mayor Dexter M. Calizo represented by Vice Mayor Patrick F. Lachica, and Municipality of Buruanga under Concepcion D. Labindao represented by Vice Mayor Femy C. Dumaguin. The signing was done last August 04, 2023 at the JRP Vanyard Hotel, Kalibo, Aklan.

The MOPA signed stated that the DENR 6 through its Provincial ENR Office Aklan will conduct and supervise land titling, assist/facilitate in the conduct of Simultaneous Survey and Adjudication Approach during the execution of the survey and land titling activities including preparation of cadastral index map, land tenure profile and related social development activities, while the LGUs will provide necessary documents and records in accordance with existing policies and regulations needed by the validation team.

This will cover the different barangays of the said municipalities, to wit; Banga with thirty (30) barangays, Balete with ten (10) barangays, and Buruanga with fifteen (15) barangays. During the project implementation the Provincial ENR Office of Aklan will hire enumerators assigned to the three municipalities.

“RLTA is basically an updating of tenure profile of the titled or untitled lots. This is also considered as the cleansing mechanism of the DENR to see if the given lands are still available or have pending cases,” RED Duran emphasized.

“The very importance of this activity with the help and coordination of the LGUs is to resolve conflict in land claims and have a smoother Handog Titulo Program,” he added. 

Prior to the signing a brief explanation of what is RLTA was given by the Licenses, Patents and Deeds Division (LPDD) Chief, Atty. Elizur G. Militar, and Regional Focal Person on RLTA/LMO II Sonia L. Gimotea. Together with the RED were Aklan PENRO Merlene B. Aborka, Regional Strategic Communication and Initiatives Group (RSCIG) Chief Artemio Salvador C. Colacion and PENRO Aklan personnel.

Graduation ceremony is more than just an event; it’s symbolizes the acknowledgement of one’s academic accomplishment and displays their unwavering commitment and efforts.

In celebration of the Environment Month 2023, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region 6, conducted a Graduation Ceremony of the ENR Frontline and Basic Courses, and First Semester Pasidungog at Citadines Amigo Hotel o June 22, 2023. This activity was organized by the Administrative Division led by their Chief, Dr. Ernest C. Federiso.

The graduation ceremony of the ENR Frontline and Basic Courses was done to formally recognize the one hundred eighteen (118) graduates of the different batches, namely: Basic Course – Class Prudence, and Frontline Courses – Class Hugpong, Class Matatag, and Class Matalas, who have successfully completed the required hours, training and requirements of the said courses.

DENR 6 Regional Executive Director Livino B. Duran challenges the graduate to be the better version of themselves and help the Department carry out its mandate.

“You are celebrating the beginning of a journey that is a larger than yourselves. You are the future of our country,” said RED Duran.

“Your journey in ENRA has prepared you very well to be the frontline of the DENR, carrying out our agency’s mandate to protect and preserve our environment and natural resources”, he added.

The office had been conducting a series of ENR Frontline and Basic Courses since CY 2019. This is in pursuit of capacitating all frontline employees in the department to fill up knowledge gaps, calibrate the understanding on all ENR laws, programs, projects and activities and sharpen their proficiencies as DEN employees.

In the latter, DENR 6 recognized the representatives and staff who have worked for the department for 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40 years; recognize DENR retirees' excellent contributions; proffer proper respect to those who passed away while working for the department; reward permanent employees who have earned or finished their post-graduate degree at their own expenses; and recognize employees who have performed notably in their respective positions, during the First Semester.

“It is always a mix emotion during the Pasidungog, you are happy to see familiar faces and at the same time almost in tears seeing and knowing that our days in the service are yet to come,” said RED Livino B. Duran.

“But nonetheless, it is always heart-warming to give honour and credit to our personnel who excel and helped us achieve our environmental goal as a department and as a public servant,” he added.

The awardees were eighteen (18) Achievement Awardees, three (3) Posthumous Awardees, thirty-eight (38) Service Awardees, two (2) Career and Self Development Awardees, and three (3) Performance Awardees.

Present during the activity were assistant Regional Director for Management Services Andres T. Untal, EMB Chief Legal Division Atty. Arjunn Calvo, PENRO’s, CENRO’s and DENR 6 Regional Offices-Based Division Chiefs./DENR 6

Padyak Kalikasan, a much-anticipated cycling event, brought to life the lush greenery of Leganes Integrated Katunggan Ecopark (LIKE) in Leganes, Iloilo on June 25, 2023. It is part of the Philippine Environment Month 2023 with a theme: “No to Waste: Advancing Circular Economy to #beatplasticpollution” with the goal of safeguarding and preserving this natural sanctuary.

A total of one hundred (100) participants, to include participants from the DENR Region 6 led by the Chief, Regional Strategic Communication and Initiatives Group (RSCIG) Artemio Salvador C. Colacion, and different bikers’ organizations including Abyan, Iloilo Siklistas, WaayBayaay Bikers, and OBC-Maanyag, planted a total of one hundred (100) Bungalon propagules (Avicennia marina).

The picturesque LIKE provided the ideal setting for this meaningful event, as participants enthusiastically engaged in various environmental conservation projects, to promote a sense of responsibility for nature and the critical need for its preservation.

It was participated with cyclists of all ages and backgrounds, where they eagerly plunged into the dirt, armed with shovels and seedlings, to plant mangrove trees that will contribute to the park's ecological balance. This act of environmental goodwill will serve as a reminder of the important role that each individual can play in protecting the environment. 

 “This Padyak Kalikasan 2023 is a venue for us to have a healthy body and healthy environment. It is time for us to give back to our Earth things we needed and planting trees or mangrove is just one of the many activities we could do,” said Regional Director Livino B. Duran said.

“The DENR Region 6 is glad and thankful to those who participated in our Padyak Kalikasan 2023. We have participants from the younger and older generations a visible proof that environmental protection is not just for us but for the future generations,” said Chief, RSCIG Colacion.

Representing Leganes Municipal Mayor Vicente P. Jaen, II, Municipal Administrator David Israel Sinay appreciated the help of the DENR and other environmental partners in making the once open area into a beautiful mangrove eco-park.

“We are all part of this progress of LIKE. And us in the LGU we are trying our best to maintain this area in partnership with the coastal barangays,” Sinay said.

“Because without your support their will be no Katunggan Eco-Park in Leganes,” he added.

Leganes Municipal ENR Officer Wilson Batislaon also acknowledge the National Greening Program (NGP) of the DENR that was a big help to achieve what the LIKE had right now –lush green mangroves, livelihood for the community, and a clean environment.

Over the course of Environment Month 2023, a lot of cleanup projects, educational seminars, and campaigns to promote ecological living practices were held. /DENR 6