With the continuous rise of COVID-19 cases from day to day, the government finds it still alarming and have done all sorts of campaign and activities in order to minimize the impact of the pandemic.

Last year, the government has announced that the country is ready for the vaccination roll out and everyone was encouraged to get vaccinated. Only few however, had a positive response to it.  Most of the takers are those who work in the government and the frontliners, since they had to deal with the public and their lives were literally on the line.

The government’s vaccination campaign had its peak by the end of CY 2021 and everyone who are eligible for vaccination are encouraged to get vaccinated. However, as per data gathered, there are a few among the employees of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Region 6 who did not avail of the free vaccination roll out. Some reasoned they fear the side effects of the vaccines while others have valid health issues and rare medical comorbidities.

In response to this, the DENR 6 Administrative Division facilitated for a one-day medical check-up for all regional employees who are still unvaccinated last January 14, 2022. The event was done at the Activity Center with Dr. Leah Rose S. Dimzon tapped as doctor-in-charge. This was also an activity under the Health and Wellness Program of the regional office. Everyone who lined-up observed the basic health protocols such as the wearing of face mask and shield and social distancing during the pre-assessment, medical check-up and demonstration activity.

Twenty-five (25) personnel availed of the free medical check-up and were assisted by Dr. Dimzon to determine if they are fit enough to get vaccinated. The activity also helped them find out if they have illnesses that could have gotten serious had they not availed of the free medical check-up.  An actual demonstration on how to install the regulator and administer the oxygen via oxygen tank was also done by Dr. Dimzon.

Furthermore, the Office distributed 213 boxes of vitamin C consisting of 100 tablets per box for regular and casual employees based at the regional office./DENR 6