The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Region 6 recently saw change of leadership at its key positions that is seen to boost the regional office’s performance.

Beginning with the change of its Regional Executive Director (RED), DENR Region 6 is now led by Forester Livino B. Duran who hails from Idio, Sebaste, Antique. The former RED, Forester Francisco E. Milla, Jr., was re-assigned to his home region in Bicol.

Duran who formerly holds the position as Assistant Regional Director (ARD) for Technical Services turned over the position, all its authorities and responsibilities to Forester Raul L. Lorilla. Lorilla, a former ARD for Management Services who also turned over the position to Atty. Noel C. Empleo, who is in concurrent capacity as Chief of DENR 6 Legal Division.

“This is a rough and tough times, but we know the terrain, our limitations, our resources, and our people. We speak the same dialect, share the same customs and traditions,” RED Duran said as he outlined the commonalities of all officials and workers of DENR Region 6 that could best serve as anchor for a harmonious working relationship towards making DENR Region 6 one of the top performing regions in the country.

Back in 2014, the DENR 6 has ranked Number 1 best performing region in the country. This time DENR 6 key officials, majority of them are natives of Western Visayas, aim to land in top 3 if not top 1, best performing DENR regional office.

“We really need to advance the performance of this region,” said RED Duran. “If this region has proven its competencies and capabilities in the past and we landed in number one spot, then we could work hard to rank in no. 3, at least,” he added.

DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu issued Special Order No. 2021-293 approved last June 2, 2021 which designated Forester Duran as the OIC Regional Executive Director for DENR 6, making him the 3rd in the line of Regional Executive Directors to come from the region, after former RED Raoul T. Geollegue who hails from Negros Occidental and the late Engr. Julian D. Amador who is from Iloilo City.