In line with the continuous clean-up and rehabilitation of Malandog River in Antique, notable developments and other activities were already in place as what the Local Government Unit (LGU), the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) , and other line agencies envision.

DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu as he is called the “adopted son of Antique” pursued environmental activities and projects in the province especially the Malandog River Rehabilitation and Development Project where he wanted to restore the historical significance of the river and to make it as one of the province’s tourist destinations. 

Part of the waterbreak project is to make the river free from fishing vessels docking on the river’s mouth. To obtain this goal, Sec. Cimatu initiated coordination with higher officials of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) with the support of the LGU of San Jose to come up with an ordinance requesting for the construction of Breakwater at San Jose shorelines since most of the residents livelihoods are from fishing industry.

Two hundred million pesos (Php 200,000,000.00) worth of Breakwater Porject was approved and will be constructed at (1) San Angel to Malaiba and (2) Maybato North to Maybato Sur, San Jose de Buenavista, Antique with a budget of one hundred million (Php 100,000,000.00) each. These two breakwaters has a length of about 0.764 linear-meter where the budget will be downloaded to DPWH Antique District for implementation. 

Purposely the breakwater is to provide protection for beaches and harbor against high waves especially during bad weather. To finalize the appropriate breakwater design for the area, a hydrographic survey or bathymetric survey was conducted which measures the depth of the water body and maps the underwater features. This survey is required to calculate the volume of materials required for the breakwater, where finalization of plans and designs are already subject for bidding.   

Consequently, the project will benefit a total of  more or less one thousand four hundred fifty four (1,454) registered fishing vessels at San Jose based on the updated list at the Municipal Environment and Natural Resource Office (MENRO). Other commercial fishing vessels from adjacent municipalities may also use the said breakwaters during bad weather conditions.

“This project is a proof that with convergence efforts of all government agencies, big things are bound to happen that will surely benefit the community,” DENR 6 Regional Executive Director Livino B. Duran said.  

“I too was amazed by the development of the Malandog River. It is just a vision first of Sec. Cimatu, now it is slowly recovering its lost beauty,” he added.

“This will provide you a safe mooring and anchoring place for your daily operation and during inclement weather. We need to rehabilitate our Malandog River and our Waterways and bring back its cleanliness and biodiversity thereby putting in place orderliness and sustainability in our fishing industry and eco-tourism ventures,” Provincial ENR Officer Andres Untal posted on his social media to asked for the residents full cooperation regarding this activity/project.

 As remembered on previous years, Secretary Cimatu considered Malandog River as one of the priority rivers for rehabilitation and the “Center of Excellence” in the Province of Antique considering its historical, socio-economic and cultural significance to Antiqueños, where Clean Water is among its 10 Priority Programs./DENR 6