In a move to strengthen its partnership with all stakeholders for the implementation of its re-greening and other environmental programs, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Region 6  has recenty inked a Memorandum of Partnership Agreement (MoPA) with the 6th Regional Community Defense Group (6RCDG), Reserve Command, Philippine Army (RESCOM, PA).

DENR Assistant Secretary for Administrative and Legislative Affairs, LTC Joan A. Lagunda PA (Res) emphasized how our partners from 6RCDG and RESCOM, PA can help with DENR’s National Greening Program.

“I have faith in my fellow reservists that they will greatly contribute in the regeneration and re-greening of degraded or denuded forest lands. They will help us with our mission to have a cleaner and greener environment through our Clean-up Drives, National Greening Programs, and Adopt a Mountain Program.  Through our sustainable partnership, it will be easier for us to achieve all our goals,” said ASEC Lagunda.

DENR 6 Regional Executive Director Livino B. Duran also draws attention on the need to mobilize our partners in the government for the protection and conservation of our environment.

“Our mission is to mobilize our citizenry to become proactive stewards of our environment. With the help of our military men, we can plant more trees in forest lands and mountains and they can also help us in protecting our environment against those who engage in illegal activities. We cannot do this alone, we need our partners to participate in the protection and conservation of our natural resources,” said RED Duran.

During the MoPA signing, the DENR Region 6 was represented by Regional Executive Director Livino B. Duran while the Philippine Army was represented by MGen Fernando Felipe, RESCOM Commander PA, and its Group Commander, Col. Crisanto C. Calit, 6RCDG PA along with their contingent. The event was witnessed by DENR Assistant Secretary for Administrative and Legislative Affairs, LTC Joan A. Lagunda PA (Res), DENR 6 Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services Raul L. Lorilla, Chief Enforcement Division June Melissa C. Garol, the Provincial ENR Officers and Community ENR Officers.

The Agreement intends to enrich the existing plantation or forest cover or to hasten regeneration or re-greening of denuded degraded forest land and cogonal areas and the protection of the same from any unauthorized interference. It also intends to enhance cooperation and coordination between the parties in protecting and conserving the region’s environment and natural resources, particularly in curbing illegal logging and other related violations of environment and natural resources laws.

Further, the MoPA provides that the greening program shall cover a non-contiguous area of twenty (20) hectares, more or less, of existing plantation of forest cover in every province in the region, to be identified by the respective Provincial and Environment and Natural Resources Offices (PENROs) and Community Environment and Natural Resources Offices (CENROs) of DENR.

The Memorandum of Partnership Agreement is pursuant to the Enhanced National Greening Program (E-NGP) which aims to (1) rehabilitate 1.2 million hectares of denuded forestlands by 2022; and (2) maintenance and protection of existing forests. This is among DENR’s top ten (10) priority programs.