The “what goes around, comes around” cliché holds true in terms of individual’s responsibility of managing whatever wastes we accumulate or produce in this modern living. What is sad though is the fact that we put others at risk with our nonchalant attitude towards proper solid waste management.

After more than two decades of being passed as a law, the implementation of Ecological Solid Waste Management (ESWM) Act of 2000 still needs some pushing. The real struggle is implementing waste segregation at source – that is from households and business establishments.

 The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) with its line bureau – the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) made the “push” by adopting a brand character to champion the need to adopt a proper solid waste management mindset. The kind of mindset that is highly aware of the impact of our simple actions that results to proper waste management.

Pinas: The Basura Buster (PBB) Mascot was that brand character to do the “pushing” and was launched on August 12, 2022 at SM City Iloilo. As a brand character, PBB is now the face and icon for proper solid waste management. He is the modern-day garbage man equipped with special upcycled weaponry to keep the environment clean. With PBB, the DENR in Region 6 hopes to increase awareness on everyone’s mind on the need to properly segregate wastes.

Moreover, the PBB mascot shall be the image for easy recall on the importance of embracing a waste-free lifestyle by doing recycling, upcyling and even composting. Although authoritative looking, PBB mascot has a friendly smile, an approachable personality and is very likeable both by the young and old.

“With PBB mascot, we hope to both upscale and expand the impact of our solid waste management program and better influence people in all walks of life, especially our youths. Together, we can achieve the goal of a cleaner and safer environment for today’s generation and those who shall come after us,” said Livino B. Duran, DENR 6 Regional Executive Director.