Regional Releases

As part of its information, education, and communication (IEC) initiatives, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources–Provincial ENR Office (DENR-PENRO) Iloilo conducted a Dalaw-Turo at the University of San Agustin-Basic Education Department at Brgy. Sambag, Jaro, Iloilo City on November 30, 2023.

A total of 64 Grade 6 learners comprised of 34 males and 30 females participated in the activity, accompanied by their teachers and through the facilitation of the Academic Supervisor Eljean B. Demerin.

Dalaw-Turo is part of DENR’s campaign to educate the youth of their roles and responsibilities to protect, conserve and manage our environment and natural resources for the present and future generations.

The said undertaking is also part of Project-Based Learning and aims to expose learners to information about various native tree species and fruit-bearing trees, as well as promoting ways to protect the environment.

Recognizing the importance of mangrove in a community and beneficial factors of it in terms of carbon sequestration and protecting shorelines, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Region 6 gave emphasis to partner with the stakeholders to further protect and nourish the mangroves.

The DENR- Provincial ENR Office of Capiz headed by PENRO Vicente A. Sardina had signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on November 7, 2023, at the Mayor’s Conference Room, Municipal Hall Bldg., Ivisan, Capiz. The signing was done between DENR and LGU-Ivisan, Brgy. Agustin Navarra, Brgy. Agustin Navarra Environmental Conservation Association (BANECA) with PETRON Foundation, Inc., to protect and manage the twenty-five (25) hectares mangrove area located in Brgy. Agustin Navarra, Ivisan, Capiz.

The activity was in line with the corporate social responsibility of PETRON Foundation Inc. in reforestation and carbon capture measurement program called “Puno ng Buhay,” which aims to support the National Greening Program (NGP) through a direct participation in massive, intensive and sustained tree-growing, planting and maintenance activities, to include mangrove rehabilitation projects in promoting sustainable development, as well as to provide alternative livelihood to BANECA.

The project has a total budget of Php 1,460,000.00 distributed annually for five (5) years.

Younger generations have their own unique ways to be heard by the general public on their stand on environmental protection and conservation – they have been active environmentalists and partners of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in Region 6.

Gaining more connection with our young environmental partners, the Provincial ENR Office of Negros Occidental had conducted two (2) Dalaw Turo (DT) activities in the province together with the selected personnel from Community ENROs of Bago City and Cadiz City, and the offices of Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park (MKNP), and Northern Negros Natural Park (NNNP).

On October 12, 2023 the DT was conducted at the Dr. Vicente F. Gustilo Memorial National High School in Cadiz City, Negros Occidental. It was participated by almost a hundred Grade 7 students. The team prepared a series of environmental activities/games and lectures that were given to the participants. Principal IV, Dindo M. Ampalla, acknowledged the support and cooperation of the DT Team and their students during the activity where he highlighted that “we are all connected to one another.”

Furthermore, on October 19, 2023 another DT Activity was conducted at Lopez Jaena National High School, Murcia, Negros Occidental. Participants were the eighty (80) Grade 12- STEM students who actively took part in the activities prepared by the DT Team. Amidst the power outage experienced by the school, it didn't discourage the DT Team to push through with the scheduled visit with the full support of School Principal Margie Sta. Ana and the teachers.

One of the highlights of the two DT activities was the signing of the Pledge of Environmental Commitment by the students after their representatives reflected on the things they have learned. They have shared significant ways they can do in order to be good stewards in environmental protection.

“As the youths and students learn the impact of human action to the environment, it becomes clearer to them that they have a huge responsibility to fill for their own future,” said DENR 6 Regional Executive Director Livino B. Duran.

“May we always keep in mind that ‘Ikaw, Ako, Tayo ang Kalikasan,” was his ending statement.

Dalaw Turo, which comes from two Filipino words that mean "to visit" (dalaw) and "to teach" (turo) is an innovative educational tool for teaching and promoting environmental messages on nature conservation. It is a non-traditional, non-formal, and participatory approach in raising public awareness on biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. It makes use of various forms media such as games, skits, and dialogues to make learning about the environment interactive, student-friendly and effective.

The Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) Cadiz headed by OIC, CENR Officer Mamad T. Gandarosa, Jr., organized the first ECO Youth Learning Camp at the CENRO Cadiz City Office, just recently.

It was an initiative of this DENR field office, aimed to strengthen the mental, physical, and spiritual competencies of Contract of Service (CoS) personnel, particularly in the workplace following the Republic Act (RA) 8044 or The Youth in Nation Building Act. Topics during the activity were Conservation of Migratory Birds and Resident Waterbirds on Cadiz City's Coast, Health and Proper Hygiene in the Workplace, Expanded National Integrated Protected Area Systems (ENIPAS) Act or RA 11038, Power of Good Communication in the Workplace, and Tree Commodities and Climate Change: Impacts and Opportunities.  

Furthermore, on September 18, 2023, CENRO Cadiz conducted Senior Citizens Day as part of its yearly endeavor. This activity was in collaboration with the Cadiz City local government –Social Welfare and Development, and the Federation of Senior Citizen Associations of the Philippines –Cadiz City Chapter. Food packs and rice were distributed to the thirty-five (35) beneficiaries, which includes senior citizens and Person with Disabilities (PWDs) at Brgy. Daga, Cadiz City.

“Giving importance to our youth as the future of our earth and to the seniors as our past mentors is a laudable activity. CENRO Cadiz City only proves that the Department and the people are working hand-in-hand to disseminate and inform the general public –youth, old, men and women, of the serious danger if we keep on damaging our earth,” said DENR 6 Regional Executive Director Livino B. Duran.

“I always believe that the ‘Youth is the hope of our Fatherland’ but this is based on what we teach and show them too, so let us all be the role model of a greener, cleaner, and ecologically sustainable environment,” he added.

To promote the gender responsive enterprise development and TVET Systems (ProgRESS) project of Bangladesh, the International Labor Organizations sent delegates from the Bangladesh government officials to conduct a study tour in the Philippines. And, one of the chosen areas is the protected area found at the Mango Capital of the Philippines, Guimaras.  

The Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) Guimaras welcomed the group of Bangladesh Team in their study tour at the so-called “jewel” of the province, the Taklong Island National Marine Reserve (TINMR) on October 05, 2023. PENRO Guimaras is under the leadership of PENRO Edgardo M. Rostata, while For. Julieta T. Gabayeron is the Protected Area Superintendent (PASu) of TINMR.

The one-day eco-tour started with the onsite orientation to the best practices in the island, underscoring the local economic development through community-based rural tourism, sectoral governance structure, as well as the regulatory framework to promote gender equality in business, tourism, agriculture and entrepreneurship. This visit aims to provide the delegates with knowledge and experiences on practical strategies and field-tested practices to help design a plan in development, entrepreneurship, women empowerment, public-private partnership, tourism, and local economic development in their own country.

Knowing the importance of this PA the DENR-PENRO Guimaras ensures that TINMR is effectively manage by its communities and Peoples Organization (POs) in safeguarding biodiversity, maintaining its balance, preserving habitats, and maintaining water quality in the area whilst providing livelihood and food sources to its communities.

TINMR has always been an area of interest of most scientific, tourism and even economic studies, especially after it has won the 2017 ‘Para el MAR’ for being the most outstanding National Integrated Protected Area System (NIPAS) under the Marine Protected Area (MPA) category.