The partners and beneficiaries of ProCoast Project, implemented in the Philippines through the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), explored Taklong Island National Marine Reserve (TINMR) last July 5, 2022.

The event was part of the 4-day learning visit of replicate sites in Region VI assisted by ProCoast, and was attended by partners from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), delegates from DENR-BMB, DENR-FASP, DENR Regional Office VI, implementers and practitioners of locally-managed MPAs from Region VII, and representatives from the academe.

PENR Officer For. Edgardo Rostata spearheaded the activity, which commenced with a brief tour and orientation at TINMR Information Center. The team then proceeded to Piagau Island, TINMR where a short program was conducted. The delegates immersed through the exquisite features and natural grandeur of TINMR through a tour at the Mangrove Boardwalk, Look-out Tower and View Deck at Piagau Island. The tour continued at Balas Balabag and Floating Cottage at Masai, where the activity was formally concluded.

TINMR is one of the Centers of Learning (CoLs) supported by the ProCoast Project entitled “Sustainable coastal protection through biodiversity conservation in coastal ecosystems affected by typhoons in the Philippines”. Through its partnership with GIZ-ZSL, TINMR has been endowed with assistance and interventions consisting of IEC drives for the Flagship species, Social Marketing Campaign Program, TINMR Business Plan, webinars and trainings, equipment for biophysical assessment- all intended to foster and strengthen TINMR’s capacity to be a Center of Learning./DENR6