The Community Environment and Natural Resources (CENRO) Culasi received and information on January 20, 2023 from Antique Maritime Police Station (MARPSTA) about the three (3) Green Sea Turtles (Chelonia mydas) that was stranded in Brgy. San Isidro, Tibiao, Antique.

CENRO CULASI personnel, together with Antique MARPSTA proceeded to the area and immediately checked the health condition of the marine turtles. As per assessment, barnacles (highly specialized crustaceans) were present in the plastron and carapace of the three marine turtles. The measurement of the Curved Carapace Length (CCL) and Curved Carapace Width (CCW) were individually measured; 1) CCL-80 cm, CCW-72 cm; 2) CCL-51 cm, CCW-45 cm; and, 3) CCL-44 cm, CCW-40 cm.

Before releasing, the two marine turtles were tagged with 1753B and 1755B, respectively. The 3rd one was not tagged since it has not reached 45 cm which is the standard length in tagging marine turtles.

The green sea turtle is the largest hard-shelled sea turtle. They are unique among sea turtles in that they are herbivores, eating mostly seagrasses and algae. This diet is what gives their fat a greenish color (not their shells), which is where their name comes from.