Regional Releases

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) continues to conduct the annual Asian Waterbird Census that serves as the basis for estimates of waterbird populations; monitoring changes in waterbird numbers and distributions, whether local, national and international level; and know the status of wetlands whether it is healthy, degraded or polluted.

Thus, the Provincial ENR Office of Guimaras conducted a province-wide census in the eight (8) Asian Waterfowl sites namely; Barangay’s Hoskyn in Jordan; Suclaran in San Lorenzo; Getulio in Buenavista; Sabang and Alegria in Sibunag; Poblacion, San Antonio and Taklong Island National Marine Reserve (TINMR) in Nueva Valencia.

There are over 38 species of birds with a total of 1999 waterbirds counted in the province including the following; Whiskered Terns, Little Egret, Green-backed Heron, Common Sandpiper and endemic Philippine Duck./DENR 6

The local folks in the coastal barangay of Navitas in Panay, Capiz province had recently witnessed the release of 106 Olive ridley(Lepidochelysolivacea) sea turtle hatchlings.

Last December 7, 2021 at 3:30 a.m., Mrs. Hardeliza Besa, a resident in Brgy. Navitas spotted a sea turtle laying eggs in the seashore. By 5:00 oc’clock in the morning, she informed Brgy. Captain Vicente Regalado about her discovery.

Brgy. Captain Regalado immediately informed DENR PENRO Capiz Conservation and Development Section (CDS) Chief Forester Nonilon S. Molina and the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) Panay. Forester Molina instructed PENRO PAMBCU Chief, Erwin Ci-o, who immediately proceeded to the area together with MENRO Staff and asssessed the situation.

Mr. Ci-o decided to transfer the eggs cautiously some ten 10 meters away from the water and cordoned it with a fish net for protection. From then on, Mr. Ci-o and his staff religiously monitor the said area to ensure the protection of the eggs.

Finally, after two months, on February 7, 2022, 3:00 a.m., the hatchlings crawled out of their shells. A total of 106 hatchlings out of 127 eggs were released to their natural habitat at around 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon of the same date.

DENR PENRO Capiz spearheaded the release of the said 106 Olive ridley hatchlings in the shores of Brgy. Navitas in Panay, Capiz. Present during the said release were CDS Chief, Forester Nonilon S. Molina wherein he conducted a brief orientation, PAMBCU Chief Erwin Ci-o, CaPENRO Acting Head Atty. Emilyn Arboleda-Depon, Navitas Brgy. Captain Vicente Regalado with his Brgy.Council members, Mrs. Hardeliza Besa, MENRO Panay Staff Emmanuel Dulla, and LGU Panay Tourism representative.

Panay is one of the sixteen municipalities in the province of Capiz, and it lies along the coastal areas of Northern Panay Island. The presence of the turtle hatchlings were deemed a blessing by the locals in the area.

A dream is about to unfold.

Being the “adopted son of Antique”, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary Roy A. Cimatu wanted to make a difference and development in Malandog River in the Province of Antique. Thus, the creation of a dream in building a Balangay inspired Provincial ENR Office of Antique.

DENR officials from Central Office and the region headed by Secretary Cimatu and Regional Executive Director Livino B. Duran along with the dignitaries from the Local Government Units (LGUs) and other partner agencies, offices and People’s Organization (POs) will witness the blessing and inauguration of the building set on Tuesday, February 22, 2022.

The new DENR office will be a convergence building of various government agencies in the province.  This will also one of the venues to continue the rehabilitation in Malandog River and to guard the development already set in the area.

Malandog River is a provincial gem which was believed to be the witness of first Malayan Settlement way back to the 13th Century.  This is located in the municipalities of San Jose, Hamtic and Sibalom and served as home for different mangrove species and hiding place for boats during bad weathers.  Moreover, the implementation of the program is anchored in the implementation of Clean Water Act (RA 8749), Clean Air Act (RA 9275) and Solid Waste Management Act (RA 9003).  This is the very reason why Malandog River Rehabilitation and Development Program (MaRiReDeP) was considered as one of the priority programs of DENR Secretary Roy A Cimatu. 

The balangay was the first wooden boat that was excavated in Southeast Asia.  These boats were instrumental in the settlement of Austronesian peoples in the Philippines and the Malay archipelago. 

“This Balangay project/building is the new identity of DENR Region 6 and making the entire history between us. The history of the past, where the 10 Bornean Datus land  in Panay, with the support of the DENR Secretary Cimatu, the LGU and the other stakeholders. This is the proof of unity of the people and government, a proof of rehabilitating the ancient Malandog River,” DENR 6 Regional Executive Director Livino B. Duran said.

“The Balangay Project/ DENR Antique Convergence Building. You are not only a project. You are an Icon that depicts on how the culture of my province and of the whole region was sculptured in the annals of history,” DENR PENRO Antique Andres T. Untal posted on his social media account.

As remembered on previous years, Secretary Cimatu considered Malandog River as the “Center of Excellence” in the Province of Antique considering its historical, socio-economic and cultural significance to Antiqueños./DENR 6

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources –Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (DENR -PENRO) Negros Occidental and the Buhay Dagat Snorkeling Guides of Sagay Association inked its Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) of Biodiversity-Friendly Enterprise Development (BDFE) at Balay, Kauswagan, Sagay City, recently.

BDFE are economic activities and practices of micro, small, and medium enterprises, local government units (LGUs), and people’s organizations (POs) that promote the sustainable use of biological resources, create wealth and value, and open opportunities for the equitable sharing of benefits among stakeholders.

PENR Officer Edgardo Rostata and Sagay Mayor Alfredo Marañon III led the MOA signing spearheaded by the Community ENR Office of Cadiz through its Sagay Marine Reserve (SMR).

Furthermore, Buhay Dagat Snorkeling guides received 30 sets of life vests, 30 sets of full foot fins, and 30 sets of masks and snorkels as support to their BDFE as snorkel guides to enhance visitors and tourists recognition of the marine ecosystem while giving them the opportunity to gain income.

DENR 6 Regional Executive Director Livino B. Duran commenced such activity and also reminded the snorkelers and the divers to be environmentally cautious. “Our snorkeling guides as well as the other guides in our ecosystem are the person who knows the area well and having an environmentally responsible behaviors these people are one with the DENR,” he said.

BDFE is in line with the DENR development principles on Ecosystem Integrity, linked to biodiversity conservation which is one of the ten priority programs of DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu.

“The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow” –Nelson Mandela

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region 6 believes that the youth today are the solution of the future environmental problems thus, the Community ENR Office of Cadiz City conducted an Environmental Awareness Orientation for the Youth at Philippine Normal University-Visayas on October 19 to 20, 2021.

Participants were the SK Chairpersons, members of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines, Tayo Ang Kalikasan-ENR Ambassadors and volunteers. The orientation was held to equip the participants with information on environmental laws, climate change as well as the projects and priority programs of the department.

CENR Officer of Cadiz City, Mamad Gandarosa Jr, welcomed all participants and acknowledged their important role as the hope of the future, not just on the environmental concerns but also to the other important matters, that can benefit many.

Retired Judge Frances Guanzon and Councilor Cedrick  John Olvido represented  Mayor Salvador G. Escalante, Jr., who congratulated and encouraged the youth to be the steward of environmental protection. He also thanked the Department’s involvement of youth to create positive and significant changes in their community.

Lectures on the Role of the Youth in Environment Protection, LGU initiatives to Biodiversity Conservation, Land Classification and Administration, Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act (RA 9147), Ecological Solid Waste Management Act (RA 9003) and Northern Negros Natural Park (NNNP) were presented and discussed by DENR-CENRO Cadiz, City Environment and Natural Resources Offices and PENRO Negros Occidental personnel.

Mary Rose Tayo, PIO of DENR-CENRO Cadiz led and coordinated with the City Environment Office for the orientation to be conducted in support to the continuing Communication, Education and Public Awareness Program (CEPA) of the Office.

Signing of their Pledge of Commitment was done after they gave their impressions highlighted the event.

“Youth voices are stronger and louder in today’s generation. It is their time to be aware of what is happening in our environment and natural resources. It is their youthful vigor they can use to pursue what is good for the ones that follows after them,” said RED Livino B. Duran.

A tree growing activity was conducted to conclude the activity for the participants to fully appreciate and value the rich biodiversity that the province possesses. It helps strengthen their awareness on the wild flora and fauna, the multitude of benefits that conservation provides to people and the need to reinforce the fight against illegal activities. A total of 100 seedlings (70 Mahogany and 30 Molave) was planted in the area of family contractor Ruben Barcelona at So. Margarita, Brgy. Caduhaan, Cadiz City.

Secretary Roy A. Cimatu once said that “the choices we all make in our everyday lives affect the kind of environment we want our children and our children’s children to live in.”

Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials on proper Solid Waste Management, bamboo and protection of wildlife were also distributed to the participants./