An upland barangay in the municipality of Janiuay named Barangay Panuran is a recipient of a pathway that now allows more than four hundred households, including the adjacent barangays to benefit such provision.










Like a blanket of green, Negros’ Ecological Frontier – the Northern Negros Natural Park – is a haven of diverse wildlife, many of which are yet to be discovered.

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Negros Island is the fourth biggest island in the Philippines archipelago divided in two provinces, the Negros Oriental located in Region VII, and Negros Occidental in Region VI.







What’s in a tree? Well, trees clean the air   of carbon dioxide and provide the earth with clean, pure oxygen to sustain it. No wonder forests are considered the lungs of the earth. Trees in forests also act as natural carbon sinks which help cool the earth and thereby act like the planet’s air conditioning system. Forests are also the natural habitats for endangered animal species.




In celebration of the 2022 Philippine Environment Month last June, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) 6 with the theme: “Aksyon Para sa Natatangin Mundo” highlighted the #OnlyOneEarth campaign with various environmental activities.

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